Küchensession #166 | Will Robert

WILL ROBERT ON THE WEB: www.willrobert.com

Will Robert released his first first full studio length album ‚Transitions‘ in October 2014. The opening track from the album ‚City Lights‘ was selected by BBC Radio One’s music team to be added to the station’s playlist in January 2015 as a featured Introducing artist.

Since releasing his first EP back in 2012 he has performed in venues across the UK as well as European shows including Rome, Hamburg and Amsterdam. Will is best known for his experimentation with open tunings, unusual guitar techniques and percussive elements, creating an exciting dynamic that connects melody and rhythm through the body of his acoustic guitars.
In June 2014 Will was featured in the UK’s ‚Acoustic‘ magazine and was subsequently invited to perform at the London Acoustic Guitar show in September at London’s Olympia.
In August 2014 when busking on the streets of Hamburg and after being spotted by a presenter from Radio Hamburg, Will was invited into their studios where he performed live the following day.

As an independent musician Will speaks of how busking and street performing has been integral to his development as an artist; ‚Playing on the street has helped me in so many ways, it has definitely built my confidence and still helps me develop songs based on how the public reacts to them‘.

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