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When ‚Airy Met Fairy is more of a project than a band. Many different musicians and video makers help create the minimalist but melancholic world of When ‚Airy Met Fairy. At the core, there is the fix trio which consists of frontman and songwriter Thorunn Egilsdottir (vocals, piano, mini instruments), Mike Koster (Moog & Bass) and Thomas Copier (drums). WAMF soundengineer, Tom Gatti creates the airy fairy sound of the live shows and the videos of film makers Runa Egilsdottir and Raphael Kindig give the project a unique face by creating WAMF’s music clips. The songs have all been written by Thorunn Egilsdottir and produced by Letool and Runa Egilsdottir. Icelander Bardur Johannsson (Bang Gang) produced When ‚Airy Met Fairy’s first single „intoxicated“ which was mastered at legendary Abbey Road Studios. Johannes Still to record with her a couple of songs that she had written. It didn’t take long before the freshly baked band found itself in the studio, but it would take almost a year before the true « WAMF sound » was found. The result is « the breach »: twelve songs colored by humming backing vocals and unsophisticated instruments such as the melodica or the mini piano. The lyrics are fervent and heartfealt; every word carefully chosen. « The breach » invites into a simple but undulating universe.

The album is set to be released in autumn 2015. The first single « Intoxicated » is planned to come out end of April 2015. Until then when ‘airy met fairy continues to work on new music videos, as well as playing gigs in France, Germany, Japan and Canada.

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