Küchensession #107 | We Invented Paris

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We Invented Paris is a collective centred around Swiss singer-songwriter Flavian Graber. Comprising of musicians, designers and film makers, it has consistently reinvented its sound and infrastructure throughout its lifetime.
After two successful album releases and more than 250 shows across Europe, Graber & co made the conscious decision to go on creative hiatus two years ago in order to go back to their roots.

Now We Invented Paris are back! With clear purpose and new music! And the new song material marks a significant departure from the folk pop origins of the Swiss collective: gone the acoustic guitar, in comes the keytar, and with it retro futuristic electronic pop. And somehow We Invented Paris have managed to create the perfect soundtrack to an 80s cyberpunk drama played out in 2017, and it’s probably safe to say that there weren’t many people who were expecting this from the inventors of Paris!


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