Küchensession #101 | Troubadours Of Divine Bliss

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Aim Me & Renee met 28 years ago in a spirit-filled, holy rollin‘, charismatic church…Renee’s Dad was the Pastor and Aim Me’s Dad was a Deacon. The Deacon ended up kicking the Pastor out of the pulpit. They stayed friends and continued on their spiritual and creative paths. In 1995, they had the vision of being Troubadours of Divine Bliss, Street Performers who travel around encouraging Revolution of the Spirit & Courage of the Heart. Renee had a dream she was playing an Accordion, so she got one. Aim Me learned two chords on the Guitar & Bliss was born. They followed their destiny to the streets of New Orleans where (wrapped in battery-operated Christmas lights) they debuted as Christmas Carolers in 1995 on the corner of Royal & Toulouse in the Big Easy. They were named “Best New Folk Band” by New Orleans’ Offbeat Magazine.

Since then the Troubadours have been touring the US, Canada & Europe for the past 18 years. They have played international festivals, concert halls, house concerts, shared the stage with well-known artists and still busk on street corners. In 2002 they returned to their Old Kentucky Home where they were named, “Best Folk Band” by Louisville’s Leo Weekly. They have 6 recordings including their latest „Awakening to Love.“ „These women have a message: our stories reveal our dreams, our dreams need to be free, our freed dreams bring us bliss, our bliss is our destiny. –Tim Roberts, Louisville Music News „I have witnessed the tremendous effect the Troubadours of Divine Bliss have on people. People’s lives are transformed by these two powerful women.In addition to finding their own healing, they have gone forth to create and offer workshops to help others find healing and empowerment. .They are avid sacred activists, caretakers of the Earth, homesteaders, healers, workshop facilitators, ministers and initiators of the Mighty Kindness Hoots. They live in As You Wish Woods with a wood stove, an outhouse, a windmill and the Troubadogs- Miracle and Smiley.

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