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It’s been 7 years since I started out as an independent singer-songwriter in Hamburg, Germany. Since then I have played well over 500 concerts in and around Germany, released 3 records (2 EP’s, 1 album) and managed to make the thing I love doing most in the world my job. Here’s a little history for everyone interested:
2011: I had moved from my hometown Flensburg to the big city and I didn’t know anyone, no one knew me. What I had were a couple of songs I had written over the years, that I didn’t wanna play with my high school band because they seemed “too singer-songwriter-y”. As it would turn out, they would be just the right kind of “singer-songwriter-y”, because they gave me the opportunity, to become just that (had I ever had the plan to form a new band, it wasn’t possible at first anyway because I didn’t know anyone). So what I did was hit up the open stage nights around town and this is were I essentially met the guys who would become the live and studio band that I played my songs with. After playing just a couple of gigs together we recorded my first EP “Come Closer” at the studio of a good friend.
2012: The EP was released in June and it sold really well (1000 in 8 months). The reception was really good in general and we got to play a couple of really awesome gigs like the Dockville Festival and Rock im Park. We also did a couple of acoustic sessions together, one of them being the very popular Berlin Sessions, that became my most watched video on YouTube to this day.
2013: This year marks the beginning of my touring life. My first solo tour was exactly like and even better than I imagined and I’m really glad that I just went for it without thinking about it too much. I did the booking myself and realized that it’s not as hard as you would think, at least when you tour all by yourself and the venues are fairly small. Since then I have been playing 3-4 tours a year, always at least one solo tour and it’s been the most fun! It was then that I started to make enough money to make a living from music and it has been my job every since.
2014: The year started pretty crazy with a big tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland playing support for Tim Bendzko for five weeks (28 concerts). The venues were big halls and arenas and the crowds were 4000 people average. It was by far the biggest endeavour of my career so far and I would do it all over again (watch a live music video from the biggest of those concerts here). We then started the recording of my first album back in Flensburg with another friend of ours. 10 weeks we pretty much locked ourselves away and then came back with a crowdfunding campaign to Hamburg. Thanks to all of the 300 supporters, the crowdfunding was a success and payed for the production of “From Weeds to Woods”.
2015: We filmed my first official music video to the song “How” and I signed my first label contract with CUEX Music. My debut album was released in May and we played our first band tour straight afterwards. If touring by myself was fun, this was on a whole new level, I really loved it. There is actually a little video on YouTube documenting the fun we had right here. During this exciting time, a lot of things changed in my life. This new important development had already started at the end of 2014 with the end of an old relationship and continued on through the summer. This is relevant because a lot of new songs arose from this phase that would eventually make their way onto my second album.
2016: One of the results of this very creative time was the song “Irony” that I wrote, recorded and released at high speed with my friends from “Bender&Schillinger”. We also played a long tour together at the beginning of the year. The sound of my new songs had already shifted a little bit from my Folk Rock roots and it was time for another record. My band and I decided to record an EP with 4 songs called the “Simple” EP. It was recorded in Hamburg in a matter of a few weeks, keeping it simple as the title suggested. The new direction inspired by Soul and Blues was the result of my latest personal development and really gave me the feeling of being on the right path musically. It really was a kind of revelation to me and a fore-shadowing of the next big release. Later that year I travelled through Europe for a couple of weeks, playing in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal for the first time.
2017: After the release of “Simple” and the corresponding tour, I started getting deeper into the songwriting for the second album, treating it more like “another first album”, because musically it felt like starting fresh. From this point on, I worked by myself a lot more and played two tours back to back, one being my first house concert tour and the other being a solo tour. I also played my first solo tour through Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The most important songs for my forth-coming album “Echoes” were written during this time and I started planning the studio recording, which this time around I was gonna do myself, as much as possible (this included not only the management but also the album production itself). The recordings at the Elevate Studios in Hamburg started in autumn and ended in the spring of 2018.

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