Küchensession #114 | Tokunbo

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TOKUNBO, the voice of critically acclaimed acoustic soul jazz group Tok Tok Tok is ready to stun with a solo debut ‚Queendom Come‘ that enraptures the listener from its very start.

With 13 Tok Tok Tok album releases under her belt, five German Jazz Awards, the French Grand Prix SACEM and world tours taking her from Sao Paolo to the grand stage of Tel Aviv Opera House – the voice that enchanted us with her rendition of Lou Reed’s ‚Walk on the wild side‘ and Paul Simon’s ’50 ways to leave your lover‘ is now ready to blow us away with her solo record.

As ‚Queen of Folk Noir‘ the charismatic singer has reinvented herself staying true to her gift of intimate storytelling.
For her highly anticipated solo debut TOKUNBO teamed up with exceptional musicians producing a record that delicately paints its landscapes with dark guitar sounds, lo-fi drums and lovingly arranged string ensembles, the perfect backdrop to the singers unmistakable voice.

Touching on stories close to her heart ‚Queendom Come‘ captivates with its carefully crafted blend of dark singer songwriter ambiance and 60s vintage sounds drawing the listener into TOKUNBO’s own world.

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