Küchensession #148 | The Migrant

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Psychedelic travel songs from Copenhagen, Denmark. New album „Flood“ out now.

The Migrant is Bjarke Bendtsen & Co.

The Danish live band:
Mads Hartmann: electric guitar, backing vox
Theis Juul Langlands: accordion, ukulele, backing vox
Jakob Lademann: drums, backing vox
Kristian Lademann: bass, backing vox
André Bak: Trumpet, horn, backing vox
Aske Fuglsang: Mandolin, backing vox
Peter Lademann: percussion, backing vox

The Austin, TX live band:
Arron Casper: electric guitar, backing vox
Charley Siess: drums
James Sargent: bass, backing vox
Carey McGraw: mandolin, backing vox

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