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The lights of this town somehow seem to calm me down
when the smoke fills my lungs slowly
and it sometimes becomes clear,
everything just seems so easy
as if there was order in this chaos

Someone is sitting on top of a hill, looking over the lights of the city, with a cigarette in his hand, and exhales. For him, only a moment ago, the night sky was just black – until now. Now he looks closer and notices the subtle nuances of dark blue and the orange glow of the lights in the sky.

It’s worth listening more closely to THE LATE CALL’s third album PALE MORNING LIGHT. Johannes Mayer delves deep into his own world of sound. The songs here place their focus on the creation of expressive sonic pictures, on rhythm and on narrative texts.

In that sense, the new album is sometimes more experimental than the previous two: LEAVING NOTES and YOU ALREADY HAVE A HOME. The songs often have complex structures, they change their character, they are alive and full of little details to be discovered. What remains, however, is the love of melody found on the earlier albums, which invited comparisons to bands like Kings of Convenience, Tunng, John Martyn or James Yorkston and M. Ward.

While working on the songs it was important to the Stockholm-based songwriter to create associative and imaginative connotations in the lyrics. What results are short stories that take place in the mind’s eye in conjunction with the music. „While I was writing, I watched a lot of films, which left a strong impression on me and became sources of inspiration,“ says Johannes Mayer. That came out in songs like LOOK AT YOU NOW, WEEK 23 or the title track PALE MORNING LIGHT.

Rhythm also plays an important role on the new album: „As a trained drummer, rhythm has always been something that interested me, but I’ve never tried so consciously to make it flow into my music – and then not primarily with traditional percussion instruments, but with melodic instruments. Songs like the opener WANDERING THROUGH AN EMPTY FIELD, the Robert Smith-esque FOREST FIRE or the energetic HEAVY HEART show just what he means.

Also appearing on the album are live-band members Ylva Ceder, Simon Ståhlhamre and Patric Thorman, as well as Sarah Nyberg Pergament (Action Biker) and Moussa Fadera (The Amazing). Once again, the album was recorded and co-produced by John Roger Olsson, who also worked on the predecessor YOU ALREADY HAVE A HOME.

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