Küchensession #72 | Tammy Ingram

Tammy Ingram creates heartfelt, indie-folk music, engaging audiences with her passion and sincerity, she  sings and plays guitar (and loop pedal) to produce her own style of bittersweet audio-inspiration.

After fronting a rock band back home, the break-up of the band triggered a desire for both a musical and geographical change of scenery. Equipped with the first fruits of her solo career, she took off into the world, finding her way to Berlin where she decided to stay. While she recalls the first steps of her solo career as „trying to be a rock band as a solo artist“, she has found her distinctive true artistic voice with her first solo album, LOVE WAR.

LOVE WAR, recorded with Producer, Tony Dupe, in a Berlin studio and a converted church in Australia, is a sincere and subtle inventory of the darker days in a relationship.

„There are always struggles in relationships and this record is a way to exorcise some of the much harder times.“

With organic, deep wooden sounds from double bass, cello, harp, clarinet and trumpet, and the added triumvirate of beautifully crafted songs, lyrics and voice, Tammy Ingram’s first album promises indie-folk in its most pristine form. Different musical layers have been skilfully woven together in a harmonious way, creating eclectic songs that unfold themselves time after time to the listener. Carried by emotions – at times sombre but never resigning – LOVE WAR concurrently reveals a vulnerability and strength, that takes the listener by the hand to guide them across the battlefield.  LOVE WAR is available through Bandcamp, Solaris Empire on Nov 23, 2012 in all good record stores across Germany through Broken Silence Distribution.

“Oh love your voice. Very nice!”
David Noel, Soundcloud Evangelist/CEO

„Reminiscent of Feist & Laura Marling with a little Nick Drake thrown in, this is a strong debut album full of gutsy melodies showing off a talented Australian songwriter.”
Kristen Francis, Legs 11 Festival, Australia



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