Hamburger Küchensessions

Musikalische Begegnungen ohne akustische Kompromisse

Küchensession #217 | Kevin Devine

KEVIN DEVINE ON THE WEB: Kevin Devine ist es gewohnt im Grauen zu leben. In den vergangenen 14 Jahren ist er immer wieder zwischen den Extremen geschwankt: intime Akustik-Momente und bombastische Rocksongs; zutiefst selbstbeobachtende Texte und gesellschaftspolitisch Entladungen; ein vorbeiziehendes Gewitter und der anschließende Sonnenschein. Produziert von John Agnello […]

Küchensession #208 | Hannah Epperson

  Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson arranges musical landscapes without indulgence or over-saturation. As a stirring solo performer and talented collaborative artist, she has joined forces with a versatile cast of collaborators across a spectrum of genres and disciplines. More recently, these creative […]

Küchensession #159 | East Cameron Folkcore

EAST CAMERON FOLKCORE ON THE WEB: It really does take a village, or at least a northeast Austin neighborhood, to build a band. The ten (sometimes more)-piece folk-rock collective East Cameron Folkcore is proof. Pieced together out of a wide palette of talent from the neighborhood of the same […]

Küchensession #115 | Jason Serious

JASON SERIOUS ON THE WEB: Since they began fusing country, folk, bluegrass and rock in 2011, the Jason Serious Band has toured with an impressive list of international artists including Other Lives, Paul Heaton, Nathaniel Rateliff, Timber Timbre and most recently Billy Bragg. Meanwhile, their debut album steadily collects […]

Küchensession #101 | Troubadours Of Divine Bliss

TROUBADOURS OF DIVINE BLISS ON THE WEB: THE BLISS STORY: Aim Me & Renee met 28 years ago in a spirit-filled, holy rollin‘, charismatic church…Renee’s Dad was the Pastor and Aim Me’s Dad was a Deacon. The Deacon ended up kicking the Pastor out of the pulpit. They stayed […]