Hamburger Küchensessions

Musikalische Begegnungen ohne akustische Kompromisse

Küchensession #278 | EUT Bursting onto the scene with bold attitude EUT bring fresh energy to 1990s inspired sounds, drawing on influences from bands ranging as wide as the Pixies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blur, Weezer, Hole, Wilco or Beck. Fronted by the charismatic bundle of energy of singer Megan de Klerk the band […]

Küchensession #237 | I Took Your Name

I TOOK YOUR NAME ON THE WEB: The original plan was to make an ambient guitar record about rail yards. All that audiotransparent and kendler guitar player Chris van der Ploeg came up with was songs. He christened his project I Took Your Name, the name borrowed from an […]

Küchensession #96 | Jack Beauregard

JACK BEAUREGARD ON THE WEB: Berlin in march 2013. It’s still winter. I tell myself: „Snow doesn’t matter. It’s even beautifully white. The cold and the frozen damp are merely celestial whims, which need not concern you.“ I am travelling by bike. In my coat pocket is a media […]

Küchensession #32 | Awkward I

AWKWARD I ON THE WEB: Whispering can be beautiful: The debut album of Djurre de Haan from Groningen, also known as awkward i, was titled I Really Should Whisper. In 2009 everyone agreed this was a stunning album by a talented singer-songwriter, who by that time was making music […]

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