Küchensession #59 | Svavar Knútur

SVAVAR KNÚTUR ON THE WEB: www.svavarknutur.com

SVAVAR spielt auf dem 2. Hamburger Küchensessions Festival & 4. Hamburger Küchensessions Festival


celandic troubadour Svavar Knutur is slowly but surely hugging the world with his fjord folk. A serene and sublime singer-songwriter from the harsh western fjords of Iceland, Svavar has charmed his country folk with his Songs of Misery & Redemption, sad and melancholic songs which nevertheless always deliver a healthy dose of hope in the midst of despair.

Svavar’s performances have been acclaimed as ‘beautifully melancholic songs sung with the voice of an angel, an extraordinary melodic sensibility, and an ability to win over any audience with his personality and demeanour’. An Icelandic journalist has also described Svavar’s music as a ‘haunting insight into the human condition’.

In addition to performing his songs solo acoustic, Svavar also performs them with his band Hraun (Icelandic for lava); a dynamic musical act signed to Dimma Records and whose profile is rapidly growing in Iceland and Europe.

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