Küchensession #100 | Phia

PHIA ON THE WEB: www.listentophia.com

An “outstanding talent” (Timber and Steel), Australian-born Berlin-based Phia sings fiercely astute and poignant indie-pop. Her unique and arresting solo live show is fast gaining a reputation around Europe. Armed only with a loop pedal she layers hand-claps, vocal percussion and her african kalimba to create a captivating, dance-able experience.


„Phia’s debut EP Garden Of Youth is an absolute joyful exercise in quirk. Originally trained as a jazz pianist Exiner is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with the entire construction of Garden Of Youth down to her considerable talent. Exiner truly is an outstanding talent and Phia deserves to be widely acclaimed by the music loving community.“ TIMBER AND STEEL

„Imagine Eddy Current’s ‘Which Way To Go’ performed by Sally Seltmann and you’ve got ‘Indecision’, a sprightly pop number from Garden Of Youth, the debut EP from Melbourne musician Phia (aka Sophia Exiner). Exiner, a classically-trained jazz pianist, describes herself as “an analytical sort of girl”, while kitchen utensils, saucepans and triangles clatter and crash around her.“ MESS+NOISE

„It’s always exciting when you hear a great new talent. Indecision, the opening cut on Phia’s debut EP, Garden Of Youth, grabs you immediately. A caller to Neil Rogers‘ The Australian Mood on RRR suggested it sounded like „a more indie and Australian version of Lily Allen“.“ JEFF JENKINS, LIVING IN THE LAND OF OZ

„This cheery Melbourne musician reminds me of a cross between Lisa Mitchell and Regina Spektor. She writes songs that are sweet and quirky and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter how badly the week is treating you… I particularly love the first single “Indecision,” but all the songs are so charming that it’s hard to choose.“ SOUNDS OF OZ

„Phia (Sophia Exiner) is clearly a gifted youngster, with varied songs and a voice like Kate Miller-Heidke at rest rather than full operatic swoop. With its suddenly blaring horns and martial beat, Indecision is firmly declarative for a song about not being able to make up your mind while You Played A Game On Me is toy-instrument bedroom pop of the wistful variety, Jennifer a country song and Lost At Sea a light downpour of piano, accordion and acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, Chemistry is a love song about how even if love is just an interaction between pheromones and brain chemicals it’s still pretty great. The Garden Of Youth EP is also pretty great.“

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