Küchensession #102 | Mire Kay

MIRE KAY ON THE WEB: www.mirekay.com

Swedish duo Mire Kay are Emelie Molin and Victoria Skoglund. Pop-melancholy-folk music with guitar, cello, banjo, lap steel and violin. Enjoy!


We got to know each other in 2002 when we started the band Audrey. We’ve been touring, rocking, releasing music together since that. Mire Kay is sprung out of the idea to try something new, moving into a little more minimalistic and folkish sound. We released our first Ep „Fortress“ this spring. It was a fantastic process and we’re super happy with the result of that. We will release our 2nd single „So You Learned“ late August, and also our first video, working with the sweetest video producer Mats Udd (First Aid Kit/The Concretes/ Roxette (!)..ao). Later there will be an album, we’ve been working on new songs lately, at places we adore and places that could inspire and add the right mood. Stay tuned for more Mire Kay news!

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