Küchensession #185 | Meadows (ever bleeding)

MEADOWS ON THE WEB: www.meadows.se


Hiding behind the name Meadows ever Bleeding is the Swedish songwriter Christoffer Wadensten. After turning down several record deals Meadows debute EP sold out in a month and shipped to USA, England, Scotland, Germany, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia.

The last couple of years Christoffer has toured extensively in clubs, festivals and theaters and built a big following.

In 2014 Meadows toured sold out shows in Scandinavia and Germany and this year a new record is released followed by tours in Scandinavia, UK, USA, Germany and Australia

„A voice that could melt tungsten“
„The humble but confident presence creates a connection to the audience that is… let’s say: amazing.“
~ Nerikes Allehanda, Sweden

„In the jungle of the many songwriters, he is an exceptional artist. He just knows how to captivate his audience, with charm and professionalism“
~ Oldenburg Internetzeitung, Germany

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