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Commander Valentina Chichikov (aka Peta Devlin) – Vocals and Bass
Lieutenant Ivana Punkawitch (aka Barbara Hass) – Guitar and Vocals
Dr Daphne Doublebind (aka Susie Reinhardt) – Drums and Vocals

PETA DEVLIN (vocals, bass, drums)
Peta’s played in lots of bands. From country to soul to pop to rock to punk. After leaving England at the end of the 80’s, she stumbled into the Hamburger Schule and played bass and sang with all-girl pop band ‘DIE BRAUT HAUT INS AUGE (BMG) until they disbanded in 1999.
After that, she played bass in the punk band ‘OMA HANS’ (Schiffen Records), sang and played guitar and mandoline in her country/bluegrass band ‘COW’ (Trikont) and returned to bass and vocals with HOO DOO GIRL, another all-girl trio that played ‘Zydeco Soul’(Hazelwood).
Inbetween she produced albums at Hamburg’s Soundgarden Studios for bands such as Die Sterne, Superpunk, Tenfold Loadstar, Stella, Blumfeld etc. as well as working as a freelance sound engineer in studios, theatres and live venues. In the last years, she’s been busy producing radio plays and writing music for radio and film. Since 2013, she stands at the side of BELA B. in his solo band playing a guitar-slinging June Carter to Bela’s Johnny Cash.

BARBARA HASS (guitar, vocals)
In the 80s Barbara played in several punk and rock’n’ roll bands in her South German hometown of Freiburg. After moving to Hamburg, she started the all-girl pop band ‘DIE BRAUT HAUT INS AUGE’, where she and Peta first met a couple of years later.
After leaving DBHIA, Barbara dived into surf music and joined forces with ‘The Incredible Sinalco Bums’, a Hamburg based surf band that surprisingly managed to combine work with holidays, rocking the beaches of the Atlantic Coast and the slopes in Switzerland.
After that, she settled down to family life, started little side projects as a musical archaeologist and remained true to surf – the music and the sport. Today, she’s thrilled to be able to dig up the old guitar crap together with Mars Needs Women.

SUSIE REINHARDT (drums, vocals, guitar)
Susie’s first instrument was the piano. But more than her music lessons, she loved improvising to the Bonanza TV Theme 4-handed with her father. After highschool she moved to London, discovered punk music and happily adopted the idea, that you can play any instrument on the spot – if you are bold enough.
Back in Hamburg, she formed the all-girl punk band „EMETIX ON FIRE“, then played guitar for „DR.X“ (FANBOY). Through the 90s, she was a member of „DM-BOB & THE DEFICITS“ (Crypt-Records). With this Country-Rock’n’RollTrash-Trio she mostly played a home-made slide guitar. Susie bought her first drumkit when the next band was formed with Silky (Watzlove) and Peta Devlin „HOO DOO GIRL“ (Hazelwood) to live out their devotion for Soul- and Zydecomusic.
Between bands and tours, Susie studied psychology, became a journalist and compiled „DJANGO’S SPIRIT – A Tribute to Django Reinhardt“ (Trikont). On Byte.FM you can catch her doing her radio-show „Rumble-Musik aus dem Röhrenverstärker“.


If you think about it, it’s a bit of a mystery that Mars Needs Women first came into existence in 2013. After all, the three protagonists have known each other for more than a handful of years and have played in bands together in the past.
And their common love for a certain kind of music should have made it a no-brainer.
But for all things a season and so it was with this band.

The first hour in the practise room confirmed what they already knew.
This was communication without words, a musical understanding that needed no explaining, discussing or dissecting.
Three pieces of a puzzle that just slotted into place.
Oh, and it was so much fun!

When they decided to record some of this fun for prosperity, they quickly turned to Hamburg’s Master of Hi-Fi Lo-Fi, Ted Gaier (Goldenen Zitronen/ Robesspieres).
Another match made in heaven!

It all seemed like too much of a good thing when the Ärzte drummer, Bela B. then offered the band a berth on his good ship ‘B-Sploitation’ (Bela’s new label) . They graciously accepted .

The 7” single will be released on the 21.11.2014, followed by the album in Feb 2015.


Three Women. One Mission.

Get ready.

Because here they come.

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