Küchensession #195 | Marius Ziska

MARIUS ZISKA ON THE WEB: http://www.mariusziska.com


The music of Marius can best be described as singer/songwriter, although many different styles make their way into the mix.

Marius started his musical career, age 16, with rockband Flux, participating in the Faroese talent show Prix Føroyar. This led to much acclaim nationally, and the band performed regularly on the Faroese scene, also releasing an EP (2001). After this Marius went solo, still keeping rock music as the main genre, releasing debut album „The Sky Is Our Home“ (2005), which both by audiences and critics was considered amongst the best Faroese releases of that year.

Marius has ventured into different parts of the rock genre, but with his new setup he relies on a more acoustic and intimate approach. The concept of experimenting with different combinations of acoustic instruments, gives Marius an exiting platform, where his songwriting truly flourishes, also bringing new nuances to his vocals.

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