Küchensession #129 | Lowlakes

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Intimate, haunting, and swirling with atmospherics, Lowlakes’ music has a sense of the cinematic. Their marriage of shoegaze, alternative and dream-pop is dark with imagery of midnight, wintry landscapes- punctuated by bone-chilling waves of frontman Tom Snowdon’s voice.

Originally hailing from Alice Springs in the central Australian desert, childhood friends Snowdon, Bill Guerin and Jack Talbot formed Lowlakes with Brent Monaghan in 2011 after relocating to Melbourne.

Lowlakes made waves with the release of their 2012 eponymous EP, performing at the prestigious CMJ Music Festival in New York in October 2012, and tours of Europe in May and October 2013.

Lowlakes‘ debut album was released in February 2014. They are currently touring in support of it.

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