Küchensession #227 | Older Now

OLDER NOW ON THE WEB: http://www.oldernow.ch

The multisided swiss singer/songwriter OLDER NOW has started in 2012 with a homemade-record and has been playing a number of gigs all over the country.
As a first big musical step older now released the EP LOOP-FOLK (2015). On this record the musician has created four impressive tracks based on loops and full of acoustic instruments and vocals. LOOP-FOLK takes us to a world of interweaved clusters of sound combined with the directness and pureness of older now`s voice.

Now the musical journey goes on. Together with the female singers Judith, Julia, Lena and Mirjam older now has written a unique piece of sound – DUET-FOLK (2016). Eight songs somewhere between harmony and dialogue, intensity and fragility, between duet and folk.

OLDER NOW`s live-performance is full of presence and diversity. That means the musician plays with the four singers (DUET-FOLK-set with or without a live-band), but also on his own with the loop-station (LOOP-FOLK), with a show full of coversongs or at least fully unplugged.

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