Küchensession #201 | .KLEIN

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A huge wide world by the name of . K L E I N (meaning small in german) opens up, whenLutz Nikolaus Kratzer goes into conquest mode. The multi instrumentalist puts out histhird studio album, BENGAL SPARKSunder the name . K L E I N .The Album had plenty of time to grow and evolve into an exquisite yet wild soundgarment. Trying to break this music down into a style is unnecessary. The variety itselfdefines the sound of . K L E I N without being crossover. Though, describing the soundscape of . K L E I N sure does lead you toward shoe gaze,exotica, hip-hop, indietronic, cineastic pop. Well, call it crossover if you will! He received his musical initiation at the tender age of six years as a drummer andpercussionist. You can tell as you hear decisive beats buttressing the cineastic sound.He’s interested in all instruments of the world, except for the panpipe, layering it all intonon-ethno popmusic.Alongside . K L E I N Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer was the founder of the german indie bandich jetzt täglich and a producer for Mr. Vast and Frau Kraushaar & Herr Kratzer

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