Küchensession #297 | Ivy Flindt


Indie-pop at its finest: full of longing and essential. Cate Martin (vocals + organ) and Micha Holland (guitar) are Ivy Flindt. Their music sounds like nordic vastness, tells of devotion and retreat and breathes melancholy with every note. With producer Per Sunding (The Cardigans, Eggstone, Good Shoes and others), the duo recorded their debut album In Every Move in Sweden. It was released on Marland Records via The Orchard/Membran last summer.

Be it an album or concert review: the exceptional Hamburg duo has received much critical acclaim and almost poetic appraisal. The Rolling Stone Magazine, for example, writes about the album: „pop songs like cast in silver“ and the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung writes: „The tenderness of Martin’s singing creates an almost spherical aura that searches for suitable comparisons.“ The dpa sums it up as follows: „Probably one of the most beautiful albums from Germany this year.“ On stage, Ivy Flindt create an intimate intensity that captivates the audience. Cate Martin sings with a dark timbre; her grace, which always remains casual, is hard to resist.

In addition to their own shows, the duo also opened up for big names such as Other Lives, Kashmir and Mélanie Pain. Throughout fall and winter 2018, Ivy Flindt, in support of their debut album, went on a release tour with their band, which was presented by taz, spex and Schall Musikmagazin. In April 2019, rolling-stone.de premiered Ivy Flindt’s third album single „When You’re Not Around“, followed up by their show at XpoNorth, Inverness in July a few weeks ago.

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