Küchensession #82 | House Of Trees

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Once upon a time some friends moved to a house made of, and surrounded by, trees. Situated deep in the Swedish woodlands the house is a hidden haven; a place where if no-one speaks one hears only the sound of birds, a river and the wind in the trees. There is also the sound of music….

House of Trees (H.o.T) is a band lead by Rob Coe. As a singer/songwriter Rob explores, hunts and gathers perfectly the myriad moods of life: its thoughts, its dreams, its places and its people: all playing a role in his often mythical and fairytale like songs as can be heard on the debut album ‚Come to the Woods‘.

Like any good tree, the sapling (one man and his guitar) has grown branches and leaves in the form of musicians: Djamila Skoglund Voss (vocals), James Carnell (congas), Henrik Engström (flute) and Simon Fäldt (trumpet) plus the occasional ’special guest‘ bird flying in and perching on a branch

As a live act the group bends and shapes itself depending on the climate of the concert: whether as a duo, a trio, or the full band the atmosphere and emotion of their gigs is like a good home: its warm and cozy on the inside, but outside the wind and the dark are knocking on the door……Welcome, to the House of Trees.

For bookings and all other info please email to houseoftreesmusic@gmail.com

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