Küchensession #16 | Gentlemen & Assassins

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A Janky Magic Box Rock’n’Roll Nomadic Freak-out!

While all three have played together in various formations over the years, it was legendary producer Martin Bisi who finally put them on stage together at the legendary White Trash Club in Berlin creating one mind melting and exciting nights of music from NYC anyone has seen in years!

Drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls) holds down rhythms that go from percussive jazz delights to heavy balls out hard rock. Add to this front man Elyas Khan (Nervous Cabaret) dubbed by fans as „Royalty in Dirty Disguise“ with a voice described as „melted fucking chocolate over bourbon“ and you’ve got a sensuous mass of sound. Sxip Shirey brings in his ecstatic melody, unimaginable sounds and deep sexy beats played on Industrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonicas, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistles, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles, human beat box and a clutch of curious objects. Put these all three together and you’ve got a post punk, Led Zeppelin, electro / folk / funk / urban / nomadic freak-out!

Bypassing all of the normal trappings of the music business, Gentlemen & Assassins played their first shows together, in the form of a 6 country tour in March 2011 as a wholly DIY affair. Inspired by the reactions from audiences and venues the band has announced a second tour in October / November 2011 and will record completely fan-funded album in the same period.

Individually, and with their bands (Dresden Dolls, Nervous Cabaret, Luminescent Orchestrii) these musicians have played countless shows and some of the worlds largest festival stages. Together they bring one of the most unexpected and exciting shows imaginable throwing their wealth of talent and musical diversity into a night that simply must be experienced to be comprehended… it’s not a show… it’s a HAPPENING!

Elyas Khan live @ Hamburger Küchensessions Festival 2012:

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