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Jesper Braae Madsen is the danish musician behind Echo Me.
He grew up on the countryside surrounded by fields and forests and music became a haven for him. He wrote his first songs at the age of 10 using lyrics from his parents record collection including Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel, Creedence Clearwater Revival etc.

In 2011 the debut album „Echo Me“ was created in collaboration with producer Noah Rosanes and with the involvement of numerous other musicians counting Søs Fenger and members from bands like Folkeklubben, Cody, Kites & Komets, Penny Police, Boho Dancer.
The single „Left from the fire“ was aired on national radio, and the collaboration with Rosanes let to a triple EP project with Nelson Can and The Freudian Slip, which got quite a lot of media coverage.

Echo Me then gave up his apartment, packed his new album and equipment on a trolley and spent a year touring Germany, Netherlands, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Czech Republich and USA. Amongst a great deal of experiences his travels got him a recorddeal, a Balcony TV session on a rooftop in NewYork and a mugging in Barcelona.

After playing more than 100 concerts Echo Me settled down in Berlin and wrote the songs for his next album „Towards the Sunset“. This record is about journeying out and leaving the loved one behind to chase a dream and an uncertain future. It’s about having the courage to follow a dream and having faith that it will make sense.

The new album is recorded in Esbjerg, Denmark, with producer Sebastian Wolff from the danish band „Kellermensch“, and is released by the german label Popup-Records.

Echo Me has signed with Für Records, who will release the debut „Echo Me“ in Denmark, Germany, Schwitzerland and Austria.

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