CAIRO: Shereen Abdo

Shereen Abdo is a young vocalist and a key figure in Egypt’s emerging folk music movement.
Largely self-taught, she has moved from a career in media and music management to working with internationally renowned musicians. She has worked with music styles as varied as folk, electronic, jazz, progressive rock, and metal. She made it to be one of 15 artists picked in Rolling Stone Middle East’s “Street to Stage” competition in 2012.

Location: Private Kitchen in Zamalek

With a view over the Nile, the kitchen in the residential neighbourhood ‘Zamalek’ that served as a venue for the concert featuring Shereen Abdo and band belongs to a private apartment, which is normally used by the family to enjoy some fresh air in great weather. Zamalek is an island in the heart of Cairo near Tahrir Square and is a residential and commercial district with several embassies. Zamalek Palace, located halfway down the island, was built by the Khedive Ismail to entertain the guests of honour during the opening of the Suez Canal. The most significant landmark on the island is Cairo’s television tower (Gezira Tower), which can be seen from almost anywhere in Cairo.

Contact: Shereen Abdo

Shereen Abdo | Vocals
Michael Yehia (Dongol) | Guitar
Amr Ismail | Bass
Nadeem Nakhla | Drums
Mahmoud Desouki | Oud
Song: Ya Khelli

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