CAIRO: Do’souqa

Do’souqa is a young band from Mansoura whose musical motto is to have fun. The band has been performing since 2015 and has composed a variety of songs, ranging from indie rock to folk music.

LOCATION: Private Kitchen in Garden City

The concert featuring the band Do‘Souqa took place in the kitchen of a private home in Cairo’s Garden City district. Garden City is one of the more affluent residential neighbourhoods in the Egyptian capital and is located to the south of the city centre and Tahrir Square, which became famous as the epicentre of the revolution. The district is known for its green streets and its mansions that were constructed in a European style in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

CONTACT: Do’souqa

Luca | Guitar
Amr Ismail | Bass & Vocals
Song: Faransa | Ya Bakhtak


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