Küchensession #170 | Brett Newski

BRETT NEWSKI ON THE WEB: www.brettnewski.com

Brett Newski is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who lived in Saigon, Vietnam from 2011-2013. In 2011, he toured Southeast Asia alone for six months until completing his first solo LP while on the road. The album was written and recorded in budget hostels and apartments across Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines. Coined the “Homeless in Asia Tour”, Newski completed 30 shows in unconventional venues including Couchsurfer Apartments, a Vietnamese convenience store, an orphanage in Saigon, an underground Korean record shop, and residential rooftops in Hong Kong while also playing club shows.

After the Asia tour, Newski settled down in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (Saigon). Meanwhile “In Between Exits” received warm response from publications Maximum Ink, Mezzic and Joeguerilla with Newski’s sound being compared to Jack White, Jeff Tweedy, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bright Eyes, Violent Femmes, Frank Turner, and Elliot Smith.

In 2012, Newski completed a 20-date tour across South Africa in support of “In Between Exits”, traveling exclusively on public transportation. The same year he formed the band “Brett Newski & the Corruption” in Vietnam with drummer Mean Matt Green (UK) and bassist Jeffro Ganter (Vancouver, Canada). The band has toured across the USA and Asia. Newski now resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but remains on the road the majority of the year.

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