BAGHDAD – Peace Trough Arts Ensemble

The Peace Through Arts Ensemble brings peace messages to the audience through the universe language of music. The ensemble consists of 43 emerging musicians playing a repertoire of classical music, world music, classical Arabic music, traditional Iraqi music and improvisational music therapy. 2005 the ensemble was initiated by maestro Karim Wasfi, Cellist and Conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra. Since 2007 Karim Wasfi runs the same titled Academy, gathering and educating young Iraqi talents.


The „Karim Wasfi Center for Creativity – Peace through Art“ was founded in 2007 by the Iraqi conductor and cellist Karim Wasfi. Since the end of 2015 the Center is located in a former bank building in the Mansour district of Bagdad. It contains an academy for music and is a venue with a diverse cultural program (concerts, lectures, exhibitions, film screening and theater performances) at the same time.

Peace Through Arts Ensemble
Fusion Music
Song: Sensations


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