Fady Badr began playing keyboard at seven years old, and during his time at secondary school also learned the qanun, an oriental zither. Today, Fady is a keyboard player, qanun player and music producer with a studio in Cairo. He plays in various ensembles, such as the Nour Project, Resala and Ashra Gharby, or with Fathy Salama and others. Thanks to his virtuoso skill on the qanun, he has already toured half of Europe and the near and far east.


The flat is located in the Shatby district. From the 14th storey, not only do you have a view over countless faculties of the Alexandria University, but also of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which was built in the district upon its original site, as well as the Bay of Alexandria. For many years now, Martin’s flat has been shared accommodation, predominantly housing employees of non-governmental organisations or cultural institutions.



Song: Improvisation

Song: Cairo Groove

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