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A unique view into a singer-songwriter’s work. Visually reduced to the essentials, acoustically uncompromised

Since 2010 Jens Pfeifer has organized “Hamburger Kitchen Sessions,” a musical phenomenon well-known throughout northern Germany and beyond. The recipe is as simple as it is original. The scene: his small but cozy kitchen. The principle: the artist plays an acoustic set, close to a select audience. Without any bells and whistles, the essence of the songs are laid bare: pure music. The list of the 210 guests in the past six years reads like a Who’s Who list of singer/songwriters, from Gisbert to Knyphausen,ClickClickDecker, Cäthe and Olli Schulz to Tom Liwa and Enno Bunger to Moritz Krämer or Dota Kehr – all accepted the invitation of this native Oldenburger. Playing next to them were many artists who were often right at the beginning of their careers, such as Lùisa, Mine, Jan Röttger, AnnenMayKantereit, Rhonda, Joco or Dino Joubert. Appearing now from the independent label KOMBÜSE, on January 20, 2017, comes the forth CD with fourty new sessions, as well as a limited vinyl box with eight LPs, that contain all the previously published “Hundred Hamburger Kitchen Sessions“.

Coming now for the 5th time comes a large stage show from the cozy kitchen. Click here! The recipe has proven itself. A high-quality lineup of bands and solo artists meets an attentive audience. Observers have described what happens next as “magical.” The menu is garnished with specialties from north German cuisine. Hamburger Kitchen Sessions precisely.



A report about 3rd Hamburger Küchensessions Festival from Sebastian Witte for Deutschlandfunk (17.11.2014)



Petra Volquardsen of NDR 90,3 about the Hamburger Küchensessions (14.11.2014)



The NDR Hamburg Journal reports about Hamburger Küchensessions.

Thank you: JON FLEMMING OLSEN, Britta von der Heide, Kay Fischer and NDR Hamburg.


PHIA were guests at the Hamburger Küchensessions. In the Eimsbütteler Nachrichten you can find this charming video-portrait.


„Germany’s new songwriters“. A broadcast from Christopher Heimer and Nick Placzek. The show „Biermanns Erben“ was broadcasted on 10.10.2013 on WDR 5. 


Hamburger Küchensessions at NDR Nachtclub from Susanne Hasenjäger. With studio guests: KATIE FREUDENSCHUSS and Tom Steinbrecher alias PLOTZKA.