Hamburger Küchensessions

Musikalische Begegnungen ohne akustische Kompromisse

Küchensession #188 | Siôn Russell Jones

SION RUSSEL JONES ON THE WEB: PHOTOS FROM THIS SESSION Siôn Russell Jones is a singer/songwriter from Cardiff, Wales. He has a unique and infectious vocal backed up by intricate guitar melodies and cracking choruses. Since the release of his debut album ‘And Suddenly’, Siôn has had an exciting […]

Küchensession #184 | A Mote Of Dust

A MOTE OF DUST ON THE WEB: Three years since the release of his last recordings, Craig B (The Unwinding Hours, Aereogramme) finally unveils his debut long-player under the alias A Mote Of Dust. Taking its title from a quote by therenowned cosmologist Carl Sagan which chimes with the […]

Küchensession #173 | Scott Matthews Scott Matthews, born 15th Jan 1976 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK, was raised in a very musical family. His father was a drummer and introduced Scott to such iconic artists as Marc Bolan, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. Upon acquiring his first guitar at the […]