Hamburger Küchensessions

Musikalische Begegnungen ohne akustische Kompromisse

Küchensession #185 | Meadows (ever bleeding)

MEADOWS ON THE WEB: PHOTOS OF THE SESSION Hiding behind the name Meadows ever Bleeding is the Swedish songwriter Christoffer Wadensten. After turning down several record deals Meadows debute EP sold out in a month and shipped to USA, England, Scotland, Germany, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia. The last couple […]

Küchensession #161 | Last Days Of April

LAST DAYS OF APRIL ON THE WEB: Sea Of Clouds (release date: June 19th 2015) For 20 years now, the Swedish band Last Days Of April has enriched the world with their enchanting indie pop. Their ninth album „Sea Of Clouds“ follows in a series of outstanding releases. And […]

Küchensession #102 | Mire Kay

MIRE KAY ON THE WEB: Swedish duo Mire Kay are Emelie Molin and Victoria Skoglund. Pop-melancholy-folk music with guitar, cello, banjo, lap steel and violin. Enjoy!–wcs_4_e> We got to know each other in 2002 when we started the band Audrey. We’ve been touring, rocking, releasing music together since […]

Küchensession #87 | The Late Call

THE LATE CALL ON THE WEB: ”The lights of this town somehow seem to calm me down when the smoke fills my lungs slowly and it sometimes becomes clear, everything just seems so easy as if there was order in this chaos” KEEP CALM , THE LATE CALL Someone is sitting on top of a hill, looking over the lights of the city, with a cigarette in his hand, and exhales. For him, only a moment ago, the night sky […]

Küchensession #42 | Immanu El

IMMANU EL ON THE WEB: In fünf Jahren kann viel passieren. Kinder lernen laufen und sprechen, Menschen verlieben sich oder leben sich auseinander. Fünf Jahre sind im echten Leben schon eine lange Zeit. Im Musikgeschäft aber ist das eine Ewigkeit. Fünf Jahre ist das letzte und dritte Album „In […]