Hamburger Küchensessions

Musikalische Begegnungen ohne akustische Kompromisse

Küchensession #96 | Jack Beauregard

JACK BEAUREGARD ON THE WEB: Berlin in march 2013. It’s still winter. I tell myself: „Snow doesn’t matter. It’s even beautifully white. The cold and the frozen damp are merely celestial whims, which need not concern you.“ I am travelling by bike. In my coat pocket is a media […]

Küchensession #32 | Awkward I

AWKWARD I ON THE WEB: Whispering can be beautiful: The debut album of Djurre de Haan from Groningen, also known as awkward i, was titled I Really Should Whisper. In 2009 everyone agreed this was a stunning album by a talented singer-songwriter, who by that time was making music […]