Hamburger Küchensessions

Musikalische Begegnungen ohne akustische Kompromisse

Küchensession #204 | Joel Havea

  Er ist charmant, spielt wahnsinnig gut Gitarre und kann ganz nebenbei noch verdammt gut singen. Eine Mischung, bei der Männer neidisch werden und Frauen reihenweise dahinschmelzen. Die Rede ist von Singer-Songwriter Joel Havea. Der gebürtige Tongaer wuchs im schönen Melbourne auf, wo er den „Australien Way of Life“ mit […]

Küchensession #129 | Lowlakes

LOWLAKES ON THE WEB:   Buy the album!   Intimate, haunting, and swirling with atmospherics, Lowlakes’ music has a sense of the cinematic. Their marriage of shoegaze, alternative and dream-pop is dark with imagery of midnight, wintry landscapes- punctuated by bone-chilling waves of frontman Tom Snowdon’s voice. Originally hailing […]

Küchensession #120 | Melanie Horsnell

MELANIE HORSNELL ON THE WEB: After licensing her debut effort The Adventures Of to Rounder Records in Europe, and building an extensive fanbase in the process, Sydney based Singer/Songwriter Melanie Horsnell is ready to make waves on Australian shores. Melanie has toured Europe extensively, headlining shows in The Netherlands […]

Küchensession #119 | Tim McMillan

TIM MCMILLAN ON THE WEB:   Buy TIM MCMILLAN’s latest release!   Tim McMillan has been performing his unique style of acoustic guitar based music for over a decade. Regularly touring, he has played concerts both solo and with his band throughout Australia, Japan, India, Latin America and Europe […]

Küchensession #100 | Phia

PHIA ON THE WEB: An “outstanding talent” (Timber and Steel), Australian-born Berlin-based Phia sings fiercely astute and poignant indie-pop. Her unique and arresting solo live show is fast gaining a reputation around Europe. Armed only with a loop pedal she layers hand-claps, vocal percussion and her african kalimba to […]

Küchensession #98 | The Australian Session

RENNY FIELD – BRETT WINTERFORD – KENT EASTWOOD „Renny Field wrote some songs he thought were pretty cool. Then he played them to some other people who thought they were pretty cool too. And that was pretty cool.“ RENNY FIELD ON THE WEB: „Brett Winterford is a folk singer-songwriter […]

Küchensession #72 | Tammy Ingram

Tammy Ingram creates heartfelt, indie-folk music, engaging audiences with her passion and sincerity, she  sings and plays guitar (and loop pedal) to produce her own style of bittersweet audio-inspiration. After fronting a rock band back home, the break-up of the band triggered a desire for both a musical and geographical […]