TUNIS: Nour Harkati

Nour Harkati is a singer/songwriter from Tunis. After stays in Europe, shifting between Paris and Berlin, Nour decided to move to New York City to expand his musical vision. Just before he left,  Nour went back to Tunis to collaborate on his album “Helwess” with the band “Aytma”

Location: Dar Lambouba

Situated on a one-way street off of Nahj An-Naoura, lies Dar Lambouba, the “House of Lambouba”. The family-home is the converted Dar Al-Harka of a bigger residential building. Dar Al-Harka, literally “house of movement”, was a term used to describe the worker’s quarters of big homes and villas. These quarters were vital to sustain these villas’ households and functioned as creative and productive hubs.

Contact: Nour Harkati

Nour Harkati | Guitar, Vocals
Songs: Tarik Dhayaa | Lil Ghir


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